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Ward Hockey Smelling Salts - Formulated for Cold Conditions - 32 Gram Bottle

Ward Hockey Smelling Salts - Formulated for Cold Conditions - 32 Gram Bottle

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Experience the power of Ward Smelling Salts - specially designed for cold conditions. This 32g bottle is a game-changer for hockey players, created in partnership with professional and amateur teams. Its potency remains unmatched in the freezing temperatures of ice rinks.

  • Formulated for Cold Conditions: Developed in partnership with hockey teams, these Hockey Smelling Salts are specially designed to withstand the cold conditions of ice rinks. Rest assured that their potency will not diminish even in the coldest conditions.
  • Unlock Your Peak Performance: Unleash a surge of adrenaline with these premium smelling salts, pushing your athletic abilities to new heights. Harness the power used by top professional strength athletes, football and hockey players alike.
  • Shipped with Maximum Potency: Ward Smelling Salts are shipped unactivated to maintain maximum potency through shipping and shelf storage. Simply activate your bottle with a teaspoon (5ml) of water to unleash months of high-performance benefits in one easy step.
  • Longer Lasting Design: The airtight bottle is specifically formulated to prolong the potency of these smelling salts so that you can reap the benefits of Ward Smelling Salts for even longer!
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