Skate Sharpening & Services

Come visit our pro shop for all your skate service needs. Our shop experts give skates the competitive edge and tailored service to enhance your performance.

Skate Sharpening

Achieve Perfect Edge Quality with Professional Skate Sharpening.

$9.95 tax inc.

Repair & Blade Replacement

Revitalize your skates with our expert repair and blade replacement services. If it's broken we can fix it!


Bauer Tuuk LS Pulse - $109.00

Bauer Tuuk TI Edge - $179.00

CCM Step LS3 Edge - $99.00

CCM Step LS3 Carbon - $170.00

CCM Step XS Black - $189.00

CCM Step XSV Black - $139.00


Rivets - $2.00

Copper Rivets - $4.00

Custom Profiling

Maximize your skating potential with custom profiling from one of our experts. Profiling isn't just for the pros.

Oven Bake - $20.00

Skate Profile - $30.00

Skate Hones - $4.95